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Business Line 
      • Designing and Manufacturing of metal pressing mold
      • Processing metal parts for electric appliances and automobiles 
      • Laser cutting, Punching , Bending
      • Assembly for various types of parts
      • Hot Dip Galvanizing
      • Telecom Business

      • We are manufactured in One- stop service for metal parts
      • We are manufacturer in product quality and service under the effective cost and the reasonable price for maximum customer satisfaction
      • we are manufacturer in application of modern technologies and innovations for design and production

Business Goals
      • Increase efficiencyby reducing unnecessary workflows and increasing productivity. It also includes the integration of the work process.
      • Maintain profitability by improving production processes for safety and cost reduction.
      • Continuously enhance staffing capabilities to support the growth of the company

International Standards ISO 9001
      Our company is the leadership in various high qualities of metal spare parts manufacturing which consists of automobile and electric parts. All products internationally certified by ISO 9001:2015. We are fully spares part manufactures at our own production facilities with powerful machinery 45-1,000 tons supported with more than 160 full of experienced and professional staffs.

Mr. Taweesak Laipanich
Managing Director

"We are committed to producing quality parts and will be updated continuously to ensure customer satisfaction”